Thursday, August 12, 2010

Todays exercise updated stats

NEW RECORD for me! 5k in 46 minutes, I walked the rest of the way. Very cool! I am so surprised that I can actually jog for the majority of the time. I do have to walk every 20 minutes or so for a couple of minutes but I start right back up again and push forward. Tomorrow will be off day and Saturday I am doing a catering event so I will be working hard and will probably burn more energy than the run does ;).

Joe's Work-out History

Last 7 Days

ActivityTotal Completed
Running6.56 miles
105 minutes

Last 30 Days

ActivityTotal Completed
Running21.93 miles
380 minutes

All Time Total

ActivityTotal Completed
Boxing/Kickboxing144 minutes
Running61.42 miles
1207 minutes
Your work-outs

Aug 12Running for 3.28 miles and 50 minutes
Aug 10Running for 3.28 miles and 55 minutes
Aug 2Running for 3.3 miles and 1 hour, 1 minutes
Jul 29Running for 4.05 miles and 1 hour, 3 minutes
Jul 25Running for 3.6 miles and 1 hour, 1 minutes
Jul 22Running for 1.2 miles and 30 minutes
Jul 14Running for 3.22 miles and 1 hours
Jul 13Boxing/Kickboxing for 48 minutes
Jul 12Running for 2.59 miles and 1 hour, 5 minutes
Jul 11Boxing/Kickboxing for 1 hours

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