Friday, January 07, 2011

I'm BACK! (again)

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Ok well its been a crazy 4 months. We decided to sell our house. We live in a nice quiet neighborhood with the best school system in the whole state. We thought ( and our realtor advised) we shouldnt be on the market too long coming in so much under appraisal. So we put all of the exercise equipment out in the garage and proceeded to bury it for what we assumed to be a 2-3 week stint. Here we are 4 months later and I have not exercised in that whole time!

So I gained back 20 pounds. For Christmas my wife bought me a 2 month membership to the local Y. I went there today expecting that I might be a bit out of shape... wow was I ever.

I had been running 4 miles in about 50 minutes. Today I barely did 1.5 miles. Also I felt like the fat guy making new years resolutions on a treadmill stereotype the whole time I was in there. Its not a new years resolution to me. Its merely a continuation of what I started 6 months ago.

The nice part is they have a child care center that watches my daughter for the whole time I am working out. This is better than when I worked out at home for sure.

Next step on the journey complete... more to go!
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