Sunday, April 10, 2011

Hey whats up???

Hey there! Well I am back on the path so to speak. From my last entry we decided to take the house off the market. This meant I could move all of my exercise equipment back inside. Its been in the house now about   2 weeks. In that time I went from running a small 1.2 miles back up to a full 5k. My weight has been coming off more now and in the last 3 days I have lost 2.2 pounds. Because I sat most of the winter I need to burn off 75 pounds before June 30 (my birthday). It can be done!

I have not been blogging because I decided last fall to make a leap into a new sector of my business. I am building (from scratch) a food truck.  It is out getting a new suspension and when it returns it will be a full time job welding and building the interior. It doesn't have much to do with weight loss other than its going to be alot of manual labor for at least a month and a half. So if I am not running I can expect to at least be working hard. I will try to find more time to blog. It seems over the winter this site has picked up a great deal. That is cool and inspiring to me!

Thanks for sticking with me.

Here is a mockup I did of my food truck (Its still in the rough stages).

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